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Anthologhy of Promises


14 MAY 2022 - 19 JUNE 2022

Between May 14 and June 18, 2022, Pilot Gallery will host Özgür Demirci's first solo exhibition at the gallery, "Anthology of Promises".

The exhibition brings together the artist's videos, objects, and installations, which the artist has produced after a thought process spanning the last three years. 

How much has the future been shaped by past promises? Promises made to persuade and manage a community often cannot go beyond the representation of a short moment. As a result of the loss of social memory, a future in which the past is not questioned emerges. The promises of the political machinery that produced the process for problem solving form a structure that is forgotten by society, and similar cycles are repeated as a result. 

Everyone and No One, a video by Demirci, shows a sample of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Turkish Constitution. The tablet on which this selection is written dissolves as it comes into touch with a liquid surface, becoming illegible and eventually disappearing. The work's scope is determined by the thread-like presence of right and justice. Insecurity is a building block of destruction because it is generated by the suspension of freedoms protected by laws and rights, which are inviolable aspects, through various means. The rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution are split into sections in Demirci's work by being representatively dissolved in injustice. The letters that vibrate dispersedly on the liquid surface and sink to the bottom, and the substance in which the words are printed, formed meaningful wholes by the letters coming together, are the remaining of the Styrofoam tablets in the work. 

The Abandoned, a work produced specifically for the exhibition, depicts many sorts of plants that are going to dry in various pots, glasses, and metal boxes in an abandoned greenhouse. These plants are watered using small glass droppers in close-up pictures. He employs a banner composed of the terms most frequently used by political parties in election processes in his work Ritual, which he photographed in an old quarry. By covering the flag with quarry waste stones, the banner becomes invisible. In Resumption, the artist documents the melting process of a promise using ice block letters. The work I Am Not a Robot, which the audience will use interactively over the computer in the exhibition space, is created from the words political parties commonly use in each election, and is displayed inside the "captcha" box prepared to prove that the user is a human when logging into internet sites. 

2.42 TL, produced as a continuation of the artist's work titled 2.64, produced in 2016, includes an arrangement of the production cost of 2.42 TL, which is over the current pricing value of 50 piastre, the work is created through the installation of 50 piastre in the exhibition space. Among the sculptures on display are marble tablets in A4 size bearing selected articles from the Constitution. 


Özgür Demirci’s first solo exhibition ‘Anthology of Promises’ will be on view until June 18 at Pilot Gallery.